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I finally understand what it is to be gaslighted

Let them tell it, you are always overacting; you misintrepreted or misheard what they said; you’re crazy and/emotional; your feelings are irrelevant or just plain wrong. 761 more words

Random But Real

Three new beaded pieces

My mother-in-law gifted me this cameo a few years ago and I never knew quite what I wanted to make out of it until I found this vintage Aquarius locket on ebay while researching a different vintage Aquarius pendant I own… 141 more words


🔮Saturday, June 24th, 2017 - Daily Horoscope🔮

♈Aries♈ – Due to the presence of Moon in Cancer, you may feel a little stressed out and pulled in too many directions. These can be coming in both from home or work. 1,271 more words


AQUARIUS Original Abstract Modern Art Painting Water Landscape

AQUARIUS Original Abstract Modern Art Painting Water Landscape Canvas Blue Turquoise Black White Small 10×10 USA Artist Astrology Horoscope From my new series of ASTROLOGICAL PAINTINGS AQUARIUS is a water-themed modern art painting of turquoise blue, black, white on stretched canvas. 26 more words

🔮Friday, June 23rd, 2017 - Daily Horoscope🔮

♈Aries♈ – The New Moon in cozy Cancer will inspire activities that turn your house into a home. Visualizing your ideal home life will clarify how to realize your dream. 1,265 more words


Aquarius: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. Nostalgia is not your friend. It's your curent asset.

Two fives.

I sense some conflict interfering with your emotions, beloved.

But first, happy new moon in Cancer.

This new moon in Cancer might be bringing you back to a time where conflict wasn’t a part of your daily life, and you were surrounded by love and freedom. 740 more words

Oyeezy Vibes

Zodiac Sign: Your Sworn Enemy

So…I am the sworn enemy of the exe. And, the current guy is my sworn enemy.

No wonder neither of those relationships have gone as planned.