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AstroTarot Hour

I forgot to let everyone know…beginning July 12th, I will has AstroTarot Show on TheCauldron.net @9pm est.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

See ya this Thursday night!

aquarius pro/con.


⁃ Quiet

⁃ Get along with everyone

⁃ Shy but sociable

⁃ Active and energetic

⁃ Involved in the arts/creative 🎭

⁃ Respectful… 402 more words


aquarius & cancer similarity.

Aquarius & Cancer Sun/moon/venus are similar in the way they view friendships and express their love to friends. It is a communicative expression of love & care rather than an emotional one. 943 more words


Aquarius - July 16th to 22nd, 2018.

Hello Aquarius, welcome to your weekly tarot reading!  Since this is a general reading, it will not resonate with everyone who reads it.  Simply take the information if it applies. 132 more words

Weekly Readings

New Moon Eclipse: Channel the Bitch

Love it or leave it, whatever it is, ask yourself how much effort you are really willing to put in to keeping it around?  And yes, I’m talking emotions, patterns, habits, as well as physical clutter. 160 more words


The Power of the Ascendant

The power of the ascendant

Aries/Mars in the 1st House: Born with the drive to make things happen. You have a pioneering spirit and aren’t afraid to get things started. 1,307 more words

And The Second Leo Nodal Return: It's Good ta Be da King.

If you missed the Introduction and The First Nodal return– well, those words are links.

For as much as is said about the 1st nodal return- or, even just that time frame when kids are stepping into adulthood at 18-19: it’s weird to me how much of a joke we’ve made of the second one. 2,787 more words